The goal of the MALAMA program is to be able to expand what we do in Waimānalo to other communities both on O'ahu and throughout the state. As the popularity of MALAMA grows, groups and individuals from other communities have been requesting our team to provide training and guidance to help them initiate backyard aquaponics in their own communities.

The MALAMA program currently offers two styles of programming: Hana Miki (weekend intensive workshops) and Hoʻoluʻu (3-6 month immersive program). 

The MALAMA study currently has 6 ongoing cohorts of Waimānalo families participating: Hui #1, Hui #2, Hui #3, Hui #4, Hui #5, and Hui #6. Each Hui includes 10 Native Hawaiian families from keiki to kūpuna. Each hui has slightly different program materials depending on cohort needs. Click on each link to access materials from your cohort!


3-6 month Immersive Program

Weekend Intensive Workshops