These area few of the FAQs from our participants. 

If your question/concern is not listed here, please contact us!

Q: How do you remove the root of the ʻōlena from the grow beds?

A: Move the spouts, empty out poop water before removing it otherwise it goes into your tank. Pull out roots and leave a finger in the grow bed for next harvest.

Q: My siphon wonʻt stop flushing. How can I fix this?

A: Turn water back down to let the air go back into the bell siphon.

Q: The water was filling up the siphon too much, some wasnʻt draining and water was gurgling. How do I fix this?

A: Your stand pipe is too tall —push it down or add more cinder.

Q: How do I get rid of algae growth in my tank?

A: Reduce sunlight exposure with a screen cover. If there is plenty algae in the tank then stop feeding the fish to force them to eat the algae.

Q: Does size of the notch on siphon matter?

A: Your notch height is the lowest your water would go. Therefore, higher the notch, more water would stay in your grow beds.

Q: Can you transfer a store bought adult plant into the system?

A: Yes, but make sure you clean off the dirt (carefully) from the roots before placing it in. Remember whatever is on the roots will be introduced to your fish.